8x19x7 F8-19M Thrust Ball Bearings



A variety of applications and industries rely on thrust bearings, such as centrifuges and various medical equipment. Other common applications include:

  • Automotive. Thrust bearings are used in vehicles to support axial forces caused by helical gears in modern vehicle gearboxes. They are also ideal for higher-speed automotive applications that require oil lubrication.
  • Transportation. Thrust bearings are very important for the transportation industry as they allow for more powerful and improved engines and propellers.
  • Generators and water turbines. Certain types of thrust bearings are capable of reducing friction and drag, making them ideal for generators and water turbines.
  • Heavy-Duty Machinery. Thrust bearings with high load ratings are suitable for heavy-duty machineries, such as drills and cranes.
  • Industrial Machinery. Several types of industrial machinery have a need for rotating shafts, making thrust bearings a crucial component.
  • Mining & Construction. Thrust bearings are typically made using corrosion-resistant materials, allowing them to support axial loads in equipment used in demanding mining and construction environments.