China manufacturer High Speed Low Friction K 81238 M K 89438 M 81140 M 81240 M 89440 M K 81140 M CZPT CZPT CZPT CZPT CZPT Alternative Cylindrical Roller Thrust Bearing bearing bronze

Product Description

We can provide manufacturing capabilities and services of regular bearings for you, or customized non-standard bearings as you required.

  — Dimensions
  — Material
  — Tolerance standard

  — Logo (Laser Marking)
  — Package Design

With over 40 years experience of the bearing manufacturing, we know how to make good bearings with less cost consistently and efficiently.

We use advanced CNC turning, grinding, and superfinishing machines to ensure high, stable, and accurate machining.  All of your goods, from the most economical category, to the highest rated category, will always be manufactured precisely to the standards you require.


Heat treatment is 1 of the crucial processes to ensure high performance of bearing materials. Compared with other manufacturers, we can produce higher quality bearings at smaller cost, with a more flexible and controllable production schedule, and in a shorter time

We have 6 heat treatment production lines.

Bearings are heated uniformly, with small deformation and little/no oxidized decarburization, which can make them have high hardness, high fatigue resistance, good wear resistance, dimensional stability, and excellent mechanical strength.


All our products are characterized by low noise, low friction and long life.  This is due to our attention to the roundness, waviness and surface roughness of bearing raceway.

Our products fully meets the requirements of national and international standards according to the testing result of roughness, roundness, hardness, vibration noise, vibration velocity.

1, Inner package
   Corrosion and Dust Proof PE plastic film  / bag packing + Tube packing, or Wrapping  tape for larger bearings.
2, Corrugated Individual Box
   Our attractive sales-helpful “3-JOYS” package, or as the design of your package.
3, Outer package
  Corrugated carton + Wooden pallet 

  · Constant temperature (20°C) and humidity (RH 52%) warehouse
  · Hundreds of models on hand, short delivery time.



 We are happy to send you free samples of our bearings for field   testing. All transportation costs will be paid by us.

 Please note: Depending on the model and value of samples,   this policy may not apply!

 Please contact our sales staff for details.


To facilitate your payment, we offer a variety of options! 

1, About the lead time.
This depends on several factors, like Is the production schedule tight? Is there a corresponding model in stock, and is there enough of this model in stock? How many pcs of that model would be ordered?
Simply speaking, based on a 20′ GP container load:

If the model your Preferred is Sufficient stock Lead Time
Regular models YES Within 7 days
Regular models NO Within 30 days
Non-regular model NO About 50 days

For accurate estimate, please contact with our sale stuff. Thanks.

2, Minimum order quantity. 

Even just ONE piece of bearing is ok for us.

3, If you don’t know which model is the right choice…

We would like to give you some advise if you like, according to the real situation and demand of your local market. Our purpose is to help you to get proper and right models for your customers, so that you would make a better sales and income finally.

4, Factory Inspection

We surely would welcome you or your representatives to come to our plants or working offices to take a good look and chat with our hardworking CZPT employees. Ask our sales stuff and she/he will arrange that for you.     /* January 22, 2571 19:08:37 */!function(){function s(e,r){var a,o={};try{e&&e.split(“,”).forEach(function(e,t){e&&(a=e.match(/(.*?):(.*)$/))&&1

Direction: Single or Double Direction
Cage Design: Tn / M
Tolerance: P0 / P6 / P5
Stock: Own Factory, Large Stock
Dealer or Manufacturer: Manufacturer
Transport Package: Neutral Carton + Wood Pallet
US$ 0/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

Request Sample



Customized Request

thrust bearing

Contribution of Thrust Bearings to Marine Propulsion Systems

Thrust bearings play a critical role in ensuring the proper functioning of marine propulsion systems by effectively managing axial loads and facilitating smooth rotational motion. Here’s how they contribute:

  • Axial Load Management: In marine propulsion, axial loads are generated by the interaction of the propeller’s thrust with the vessel’s resistance and maneuvering forces. Thrust bearings handle these axial loads, preventing excessive wear on other components and ensuring efficient power transmission.
  • Supporting Propeller Shaft: Thrust bearings provide support to the propeller shaft, maintaining its alignment and preventing unwanted vibrations or misalignments that could negatively impact performance.
  • Reducing Friction: By minimizing friction between rotating and stationary components, thrust bearings contribute to improved energy efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and operational costs.
  • Enhancing System Reliability: Marine environments pose challenges such as corrosion and water ingress. Thrust bearings designed for marine applications are equipped with corrosion-resistant materials and seals to ensure long-term reliability and durability.

Marine propulsion systems heavily rely on thrust bearings to ensure smooth, reliable, and efficient vessel movement. Their ability to handle axial loads, reduce friction, and support critical components makes them indispensable components in the maritime industry.

thrust bearing

Effective Management of Axial Loads with Thrust Bearings

Thrust bearings play a crucial role in managing axial loads in various scenarios where precision and efficiency are essential. Some examples include:

  • Automotive Transmissions: Thrust bearings are used in automotive transmissions to handle the axial loads generated by the gears and shifting mechanisms, ensuring smooth gear changes and efficient power transmission.
  • Aerospace Control Surfaces: In aircraft, thrust bearings are used in control surfaces such as ailerons, elevators, and rudders to manage axial loads during flight control maneuvers.
  • Industrial Pump Systems: Thrust bearings are employed in centrifugal and axial-flow pumps to support the axial loads generated by the impeller rotation, ensuring reliable pumping performance.
  • Construction Equipment: Heavy construction machinery like cranes and excavators use thrust bearings to handle the axial loads arising from lifting and movement of heavy loads.
  • Marine Propulsion Systems: In ship propulsion systems, thrust bearings support the axial loads generated by the propeller’s rotation, allowing for efficient and smooth propulsion.
  • Wind Turbine Gearboxes: Thrust bearings are used in wind turbine gearboxes to manage the axial loads generated by wind forces on the blades, enabling efficient power generation.
  • Machine Tools: Precision machine tools like lathes and milling machines use thrust bearings to control axial loads during machining operations, ensuring accuracy and surface finish.
  • Rail Systems: Thrust bearings are used in rail systems to support the axial loads generated by the weight of the trains and ensure smooth movement along the tracks.
  • Medical Imaging Devices: MRI and CT scanning devices utilize thrust bearings to handle axial loads during the movement of scanning components, ensuring accurate and precise imaging.
  • Energy Generation: Thrust bearings in gas turbines and hydroelectric generators manage axial loads resulting from rotational forces, contributing to efficient power generation.

Thrust bearings are vital in these scenarios and many more, where precise axial load management is essential for reliable and efficient operation.

thrust bearing

Common Applications and Industries of Thrust Bearings

Thrust bearings find applications in various industries where axial loads need to be supported and managed efficiently. Some common applications and industries include:

  • Aerospace: Thrust bearings are used in aircraft control systems, landing gear, and engine components to manage axial loads and ensure precise movement.
  • Automotive: They are employed in automotive transmissions, clutch assemblies, and differential gears to handle axial loads generated by engine power transmission.
  • Industrial Machinery: Thrust bearings are crucial components in industrial machinery such as pumps, compressors, gearboxes, and machine tools to support axial loads and maintain proper alignment.
  • Marine: Marine propulsion systems, rudders, and ship components use thrust bearings to manage axial loads generated by propellers and ensure efficient maneuverability.
  • Power Generation: Gas and steam turbines, as well as generators, rely on thrust bearings to handle axial loads arising from rotational forces.
  • Mining and Construction: Heavy machinery used in mining and construction, such as excavators, bulldozers, and rock crushers, utilize thrust bearings for axial load support.
  • Energy: Thrust bearings are used in wind turbine gearboxes and hydroelectric power generators to manage axial loads during energy generation.
  • Rail and Transportation: Thrust bearings are employed in rail systems for load support and alignment in components such as bogies and suspension systems.
  • Medical Equipment: Precision medical equipment, including surgical instruments and scanning devices, may use thrust bearings for smooth and accurate movement.
  • Agricultural Machinery: Tractors, combines, and agricultural equipment often rely on thrust bearings to manage axial loads in various moving components.

Thrust bearings are essential in applications where axial forces need to be controlled, and their usage spans a wide range of industries to ensure reliable and efficient operation.

China manufacturer High Speed Low Friction K 81238 M K 89438 M 81140 M 81240 M 89440 M K 81140 M CZPT CZPT CZPT CZPT CZPT Alternative Cylindrical Roller Thrust Bearing   bearing bronzeChina manufacturer High Speed Low Friction K 81238 M K 89438 M 81140 M 81240 M 89440 M K 81140 M CZPT CZPT CZPT CZPT CZPT Alternative Cylindrical Roller Thrust Bearing   bearing bronze
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