Stainless steel thrust ball bearing


S51103 SS51103 17*30*9 mm Stainless steel thrust ball bearing

Thrust ball bearings are used in applications that use little axial load, where a ring supports ball bearings. The thrust ball bearings are used in lathe centers, automobile clutches, reducers, vertical shafts, fluid control valves, machine tools,s and so on.

1. Thrust ball bearings can handle loads in the axial direction only.

2. Bearing rings mounted on the shaft are called shaft washers, while those mounted in the housing are called housing washers.

3. Both washers contain raceways for the balls.

4. Thrust ball bearings are available as both single a bi-directional types. The bi-directional thrust bearing incorporates a third washer and an additional set of balls.

5. The center washer is located in the axial direction by a shaft shoulder and sleeve.