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Product Description

Product Description

Taper Roller Bearing Features:
Taper roller bearing are generally used to support combined load mainly consisting of radial load. Their cups are separable for easy assembling. During mounting and using, radial clearance and axial clearance can be adjusted and preloaded mounting can be
Taper roller bearing the angle between the outer raceway generatrix and line, the bearing can bearing heavy load and other
Tappered Roller Bearings, it mainly bears joint load based on 1 way axial load,but not only radial load.

Taper roller bearings have tapered inner and outer ring raceways, The tapered roller is in the middle of the 2 raceways.

Taper Roller Bearing Application To:
widely applied to machine tool spindles, gear reduction units, automotive transaxles, transmissions, rolling mill, mining,
metallurgical industry, plastic machinery, home appliances, electric motors, pumps, machinery and other automotive components.

Our Bearing Advantage:

1.Free Sample bearing
2.ISO Standard
3.In Stock bearing
4. Bearing Small order accepted
5.OEM bearing service
6. Professional:10 years manufacture bearing
7.Customized bearing, Customer’s bearing drawing or samples accepted
8. Competitive price bearing
9. TT Payment or Western Union or Trade Assurance Order

Product Name

Taper Roller Bearing


Chrome Steel

Model Number

35712 35713 35714 35715 35716






Single Box Packing


5-16days by air 30-39 days by sea


P0 P6 P5 P4 P2


Free Samples



    ZheJiang Haina Bearing Co., Ltd. is an integrated company of industry and trade. Since its establishment, it has been committed to the research and development, production, and sales of high-end 7 types of tapered roller bearings, British non-standard bearings, deep groove ball bearings, and outer spherical bearings. We can customize and adjust various types of bearings according to customer needs. The products are widely applicablein fields such as automobiles, mines, chemicals, metallurgy, reducers, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, and electric motors.

    Our company has advanced testing equipment, forming a production model of product serialization and mass production. We have a group of experienced and skilled management personnel, who have introduced advanced production equipment and measuringand testing equipment. From the purchase of bearing raw materials to the delivery of finished products, we strictly control the entire process, ensuring the quality of the products.The products have the characteristics of precision, low noise, high load-bearing capacity and long service life.


1.Q:What the min order of your company?

A:Min order is 1 pc.Welcome to buy samples.
2.Q:Could you accept OEM and customize?
A:YES,we can customize for you according to sample or drawing.
3.Q:Could you supply sample for free?
A:Yes,we can supply sample for free,do you mind to pay freight?
4.Q:IS you company factory or Trade Company?
A:We have our own factory ,we will give you better price.
5.Q:Could you tell me the material of your bearing?
A:We have chrome steel,and stainless steel,ceramic and plastic material.
6. Q:Could you offer door to door service?
A:Yes,by express(DHL,FedEX,TNT,EMS,3-9 days to your city.) /* January 22, 2571 19:08:37 */!function(){function s(e,r){var a,o={};try{e&&e.split(“,”).forEach(function(e,t){e&&(a=e.match(/(.*?):(.*)$/))&&1

Model No.: 30203
OEM: Acceptable
Quality: P0
Number of Row: Single Rows
Single Row ID Size Range: 17-240mm
Single Row Od Size Range: 32-440mm
US$ 3/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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thrust bearing

Considerations for Selecting the Appropriate Type and Size of Thrust Bearing

Choosing the right type and size of thrust bearing for a specific application is crucial to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Here are the key considerations:

  • Load Capacity: Determine the axial load the bearing will experience. Select a thrust bearing with a load capacity that exceeds the application’s requirements.
  • Type of Load: Consider whether the load is purely axial or if there are radial components. This will help determine whether a ball or roller thrust bearing is more suitable.
  • Speed: Evaluate the speed at which the bearing will operate. High-speed applications may require bearings with specialized designs to manage heat and friction.
  • Size and Space Constraints: Measure the available space for the bearing. Choose a bearing size that fits within the designated area.
  • Lubrication: Assess the lubrication conditions of the application. Some bearings may require external lubrication, while others are self-lubricating.
  • Temperature and Environment: Consider the operating temperature and environmental conditions. Extreme temperatures or harsh environments may necessitate bearings with special coatings or materials.
  • Accuracy and Precision: Determine the required level of precision for the application. High-precision applications may need bearings with tighter tolerances.
  • Mounting and Installation: Evaluate the mounting options and ease of installation. Some bearings require specific mounting procedures.
  • Budget: Factor in the budget for the bearing. High-performance bearings with specialized features may come at a higher cost.

By carefully considering these factors, you can select the appropriate type and size of thrust bearing that best suits the specific requirements of your application.

thrust bearing

Differences Between Ball and Roller Thrust Bearings

Ball and roller thrust bearings are two common types of thrust bearings, each with distinct design and functionality characteristics:

  • Ball Thrust Bearings: These bearings utilize ball-shaped rolling elements arranged between grooved raceways. They are suitable for handling lower axial loads and offer low friction and smooth operation. Ball thrust bearings are commonly used in applications with limited space and moderate axial load requirements.
  • Roller Thrust Bearings: Roller thrust bearings use cylindrical, tapered, or spherical rolling elements. They are designed to handle higher axial loads compared to ball thrust bearings. The design of roller thrust bearings allows for better load distribution, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications with significant axial loads. The different types of roller thrust bearings include cylindrical roller thrust bearings, tapered roller thrust bearings, and spherical roller thrust bearings.

The choice between ball and roller thrust bearings depends on the specific application’s axial load requirements, available space, and desired load-carrying capacity. While ball thrust bearings offer lower load capacity but smoother operation, roller thrust bearings provide higher load-carrying capabilities for heavy-duty applications.

thrust bearing

Advantages of Thrust Bearings Compared to Other Bearings

Thrust bearings offer several distinct advantages when compared to other types of bearings, particularly in applications involving axial loads:

  • Axial Load Handling: Thrust bearings are specifically designed to handle axial loads, making them well-suited for applications where forces are directed along the bearing’s axis.
  • Compact Design: Thrust bearings have a relatively small profile, allowing for compact and space-efficient designs in mechanical systems.
  • Rotation and Linear Movement: Thrust bearings enable simultaneous rotation and linear movement, making them suitable for applications where both types of motion are required.
  • Load Distribution: These bearings distribute axial loads evenly across their surfaces, reducing localized stress points and ensuring more uniform load distribution.
  • Low Friction: Thrust bearings are designed to minimize friction between moving parts, resulting in smoother operation and reduced wear.
  • High Load Capacity: Depending on the design, thrust bearings can handle substantial axial loads, allowing them to support heavy equipment and machinery.
  • Precision: In precision applications, thrust bearings provide accurate axial load management, ensuring precise positioning and movement.
  • Specialized Designs: Thrust bearings come in various designs, such as ball thrust bearings, roller thrust bearings, and tapered roller thrust bearings, each tailored to specific load capacities and application requirements.

Overall, thrust bearings excel in applications where axial load management is crucial, providing reliable support, smooth motion, and efficient operation.

China wholesaler Agricultural Machinery Engineering Machinery Machine Tool Gear Instrument Motor Hydraulic Machinery Tapered Roller Bearing   with Hot sellingChina wholesaler Agricultural Machinery Engineering Machinery Machine Tool Gear Instrument Motor Hydraulic Machinery Tapered Roller Bearing   with Hot selling
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