China 6007-2RZTN9HC5C3WT High temperature Deep Grove Ball Bearing 6007 Ceramic bearing ball bearing

Kind: BALL
Construction: Deep Groove
Relevant Industries: Manufacturing Plant, Equipment Restore Shops, Meals & Beverage Manufacturing unit, Farms, Retail, Printing Retailers, Design works , Power & Mining
Bore Dimensions: 1 – 35 mm
Design Amount: 236S-HYB#1
Precision Score: ABEC-7.
Seals Sort: open
Variety of Row: Single row
Substance: Chrome Metal
Cage: Injection Moulded Snap-Variety Cage Of Glass Fibre Strengthened Polyamide
Balls Materials: Rolling Factors Of Silicon Nitride
Characteristic: Substantial Temperature Resistance
Package: Origianl Packing
Main Industry: Europe
Certificate: ISO9001:2008
Lubrication: Large Temperature Grease
Sample: Avaible
Item title: Higher temperature Deep Grove Ball Bearing 6007 Ceramic bearing
Packaging Particulars: 1)Neutral package deal & picket package deal 2)Carton package

  • CategoryDeep Groove Ball Bearings Single Row
  • Fat and Dimensions
  • Inner (d) MM35
  • Outer (D) MM62
  • Width (B) MM14
  • Bodyweight (kg).1369
  • Merchandise Houses
  • BoreC – Cylindrical Bore
  • Seal2RZ – Rubber and Steel Seal
  • Cage TypeP – Plastic Molded Cage
  • External ModificationNo External Modification
  • Radial Interior PlayC3 Inner Engage in (Greater than Cn)
  • PrecisionH5 – Ceramic Ball Set
  • LubricationHigh Temperature Grease
  • Heat StabilizationNo Heat Stabilization – Temperatures up to a hundred and twenty °C
  • Special TreatmentNo Unique Therapy
  • Suffix description
  • 2RZBall Bearing, 6003-2RS Electric powered Motor 6003 Deep Groove Ball Bearing 6003RS Bike Bearing 17x35x10 mm With Low-Friction Seal At The two Sides. Seal Is composed Of Sheet Metal Washer With Vulcanized Rubber
  • TN9Injection Moulded Snap-Type Cage Of Glass Fibre Strengthened Polyamide 6,6, Ball Centered
  • HC5Rolling Factors Of Silicon Nitride
  • C3Internal Clearance Larger Than Typical
  • WTGrease Fill For Minimal As Well As Large Temperature e.g. -40°C/+160°C. WT Or A Two-Determine Amount Pursuing WT Identifies The True Grease. An Further Letter Or Letter/ Determine Mix As Pointed out Underneath “HT” Identifies Filling Degrees Other Than Common
  • Exceptional for higher speeds
  • Excellent radial load capacity
  • Suitable axial load capacity in the two directions
  • Have low torque potential at startup and running speeds
  • Can function with minimal sound
  • Need tiny upkeep
  • In depth Images

    Bearing NO.Principal dimensionFat (Kg) Bearing NO.Principal dimensionWeight (Kg)
    L.D.O.D.Width I.D.O.D.Width
    6001-Z/2Z/RS/2RS12288.5716215-Z/2Z/RS/2RS75one hundred thirty25one.08
    6002-Z/2Z/RS/2RSfifteen32nine.0266216-Z/2Z/RS/2RSeightya hundred and forty26one.38
    6003-Z/2Z/RS/2RSseventeen3510.0366217-Z/2Z/RS/2RSeighty fiveone hundred fifty28one.75
    6005-Z/2Z/RS/2RStwenty fiveforty seventwelve.086304-Z/2Z/RS/2RStwentyfifty two15.fourteen
    6006-Z/2Z/RS/2RS305513.twelve6305-Z/2Z/RS/2RStwenty fivesixty two17.22
    6008-Z/2Z/RS/2RS40sixty eightfifteen.196307-Z/2Z/RS/2RS358021.forty two
    6009-Z/2Z/RS/2RS45seventy five16.246308-Z/2Z/RS/2RS409023.63
    6571-Z/2Z/RS/2RS50eighty16.286309-Z/2Z/RS/2RSforty fivea hundredtwenty five.eighty three
    6011-Z/2Z/RS/2RSfifty fiveninety18.386310-Z/2Z/RS/2RSfiftya hundred and ten27one.08
    6012-Z/2Z/RS/2RS60ninety five18.416311-Z/2Z/RS/2RS55a hundred and twenty29one.37
    6013-Z/2Z/RS/2RSsixty fivea hundred18.forty three6312-Z/2Z/RS/2RS60130311.71
    6014-Z/2Z/RS/2RS70a hundred and tentwenty.six6313-Z/2Z/RS/2RSsixty fivea hundred and forty33two.09
    6015-Z/2Z/RS/2RS75one hundred fifteentwenty.sixty four6314-Z/2Z/RS/2RS70one hundred fifty352.6
    6016-Z/2Z/RS/2RSeighty125221.056315-Z/2Z/RS/2RS75one hundred sixty373
    6017-Z/2Z/RS/2RS85one hundred thirty221.16316-Z/2Z/RS/2RSeighty17039three.sixty two
    6018-Z/2Z/RS/2RSninety140241.166317-Z/2Z/RS/2RSeighty fivea hundred and eighty41four.27
    6019-Z/2Z/RS/2RS9514524one.216404-Z/2Z/RS/2RS20seventy two19.4
    6571-Z/2Z/RS/2RS100a hundred and fifty241.twenty five6405-Z/2Z/RS/2RStwenty five8021.fifty one
    6204-Z/2Z/RS/2RS204714.16406-Z/2Z/RS/2RSthirty9023.seventy two
    6205-Z/2Z/RS/2RS25fifty two15.126407-Z/2Z/RS/2RS35one hundred25.82
    6207-Z/2Z/RS/2RS35seventy twoseventeen.276409-Z/2Z/RS/2RSforty five120291.55
    6208-Z/2Z/RS/2RSfortyeighty18.376410-Z/2Z/RS/2RSfifty13031one.ninety one
    6209-Z/2Z/RS/2RS45eighty five19.426411-Z/2Z/RS/2RSfifty five140332.three
    6210-Z/2Z/RS/2RS50ninety20.476412-Z/2Z/RS/2RS60one hundred fifty352.8
    6211-Z/2Z/RS/2RS55a hundred21.fifty eight6413-Z/2Z/RS/2RSsixty five160373.35
    6212-Z/2Z/RS/2RSsixty11022.seventy seven6414-Z/2Z/RS/2RS70a hundred and eighty42four.six
    6213-Z/2Z/RS/2RS6512023.986415-Z/2Z/RS/2RS75a hundred ninety455.sixty nine

  • 6000 Series – Extra Gentle Ball Bearings – Ideal for restricted place programs
  • 6200 Collection – Light Sequence Ball Bearings – Balanced among area and load ability
  • 6300 Series – Medium Sequence Ball Bearings – 20x28x30mm KH Kind Linear Movement Ball Bushing Bearing KH2030PP KH2030P KH2030 KH20 Ideal for heavier load potential applications
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    one). thirty% T/T In Progress,the harmony paid before cargo.
    2).For modest quantities ,please kindly use Western Union.

    Shipping time
    Shipping and delivery:
    1).For a tiny get,we can ship you by UPS,DHL,FEDEX,OR EMS. Thracking variety will be advised following shipping.
    2).If order is big,we will suggest you use Air Freight or Sea Freight.
    three).The balance payment must be paid out before shipping and delivery to you.
    four). In generally,we shipping and delivery the items within 15 times.

    236S-HYB#1 Ceramic Ball Deep Grove Ball Bearing 236S-HYB#1 Hybrid Ceramic Ball Bearing

    Business Info

    HangZhou CZPT bearing Co., DC310V 80000RPM120000RPM Higher Pace MOTOR WITH CONTROLLER FOR HAIR DRYER Ltd., located in HangZhou metropolis China. Our organization recognized in 1996, we have 16 years’ experience of bearing r&d and generation. Our manufacturing unit have16000 square meters, a hundred and fifty personnel, 12 engineers functioning for technological innovation and top quality control . All type have ISO9001:2000. We constantly have big stock for my consumers, we can positive ship in an limited provide time, aid you preserve time! Chinese professional provider PMSM motor for electrical autos 5kw 10kw 30kw Industrial application Synchronous motor

    Bushing Application, Type and Compression Capability

    Bushings are cylindrical bushings used in machinery. It prevents wear of moving parts and is often used as an enclosure. Bushings are also known as plain bearings or sleeve bearings. You may be wondering what these parts do and how they work, but this article aims to answer all your questions. We’ll cover bushing applications, types and compression capabilities so you can choose the right one for your needs.


    A bushing is a mechanical component that plays an important role in many different fields. In addition to being very practical, it helps reduce noise, vibration, wear and provides anti-corrosion properties. These properties help mechanical equipment in various ways, including making it easier to maintain and reducing its overall structure. The functionality of an enclosure depends on its purpose and environment. This article will discuss some of the most common applications of casing.
    For example, in an aircraft, the bushing assembly 16 may be used for the bulkhead isolator 40 . The bushing assembly 16 provides the interfaces and paths required for current flow. In this manner, the sleeve assembly provides a secure, reliable connection between two objects with different electrical charges. They also prevent sparking by increasing the electrical conductivity of the component and reducing its resistivity, thereby minimizing the chance of spark formation.
    Another common application for bushings is as a support shaft. Unlike bearings, bushings operate by sliding between two moving surfaces. As a result, they reduce friction and handling stress, reducing overall maintenance costs. Typically, the bushing is made of brass or bronze. The benefits of bushings are similar to those of bearings. They help extend the life of rotating machines by reducing frictional energy loss and wear.
    In addition to identifying growth opportunities and minimizing risks, the Bushing Anti-Vibration Mounts Market report provides insights into the dynamics of the industry and its key players. The report covers global market size, applications, growth prospects, challenges and regional forecasts. The detailed section on Bushing Anti-Vibration Mounts industry provides insights on demand and supply along with competitive analysis at regional and country level.


    There are several types of bushings. Among them, the SF6 insulating sleeve has the simplest structure and is based on composite hollow insulators. It also has several metal shielding cylinders for regulating the electric field within the enclosure and another for grounding the metal shield. In addition to being lightweight, this sleeve is also very durable, but the diameter of its shield electrode is very large, which means special installation and handling procedures are required.
    Linear bushings are usually pressed into the bore of the shaft and provide support as the shaft moves in/out. Non-press-fit bushings are held in place by snap rings or pins. For certain applications, engineers often choose bushings over bearings and vice versa. That’s why. Below are some common bushing types. If you need to buy, make sure you know how to tell them apart.
    OIP bushings are used for oil-filled cable boxes, and oil-to-oil bushings are used for EHV power transformers. The main components of the OIP enclosure are shown in Figure 7a. If you are considering this type of bushing for your specific application, you need to make sure you understand your specific requirements. You can also consult your local engineering department for more information.
    All types of bushings should be tested for IR and capacitance. The test tap should be securely attached to the bushing flange. If damaged bushings are found, replace them immediately. Be sure to keep complete records of the enclosure for routine maintenance and any IR testing. Also, be sure to pay attention to tan d and thermal vision measurements.

    Compressive ability

    There are several things to consider when choosing an enclosure. First, the material. There are two main types of bushings: those made of filled Teflon and those made of polyester resin. The former has the highest compressive strength, while the latter has a lower compressive capacity. If you need small amounts, glass-filled nylon bushings are the most common and best option. Glass-filled nylon is an economical material with a compressive strength of 36,000 lbs.
    Second, the material used for the enclosure must be able to withstand the load. For example, bronze bushings can cause metal shavings to fall into the papermaking process. CG materials can withstand very high levels of moisture, which can damage bushings that require lubrication. Additionally, these materials can operate for extended periods of time without lubrication. This is particularly advantageous in the paper industry, since the casing operates in a humid environment.
    In addition to the material and its composition, other characteristics of the enclosure must also be considered, including its operating temperature. Although frictional heat from moving loads and the temperature of the bushing itself can affect the performance of the bushing, these factors determine its service life. For high temperature applications, the PV of the enclosure should be kept low. On the other hand, plastic bushings are generally less heat resistant than metal bushings. In addition, plastic sleeves have a high rate of thermal expansion. To avoid this, size control is also important.
    Low pressure bushings have different requirements. An 800 MVA installation requires a low voltage bushing rated at 14 000 A. The palm assembly of the transformer also features a large central copper cylinder for electrical current. The bushing must withstand this amount of current and must maintain an even distribution of current in the transformer tank. If there is a leak, the bushing must be able to resist the leak so as not to damage the transformer.


    The cost of new control arm bushings varies widely. Some parts are cheaper than others, and a new part is only $200. However, if you replace the four control bushings in your car, the cost can exceed $1,200. The cost breakdown for each section is listed below. If you plan to replace all four, the cost of each bushing may range from $200 to $500.
    The control arm bushing bears the brunt of the forces generated by the tire and is parallel to the direction of the force. However, over time, these components wear out and need to be replaced. Replacing one control arm bushing costs between $300 and $1,200. However, the cost of replacing each arm bushing depends on your car model and driving habits. The control arm bushings should last about 100,000 miles before needing replacement.
    The repair process for control arm bushings is time consuming and expensive. Also, they may need to remove the heat shield or bracket. In either case, the procedure is simple. Stabilizer bar brackets are usually attached with one or two mounting bolts. They can also be secured with nuts or threaded holes. All you need is a wrench to remove them.
    The control arm bushings are made of two metal cylinders and a thick rubber bushing. These parts can deteriorate from potholes, off-roading or accidents. Because they are made of rubber, the parts are more expensive than new. Buying used ones can save you money because you don’t need to install them yourself. However, if you do plan on fixing a luxury car yourself, be sure to find one that has a warranty and warranty.


    To prevent your vehicle from overheating and leaking oil, a properly functioning bushing must be used. If the oil level is too low, you will need to check the mounting bolts to make sure they are properly tightened. Check gasket to ensure proper compression is applied, replace bushing if necessary. You should notify your vehicle manufacturer if your vehicle is immersed in oil. Whenever an oil leak occurs, it is very important to replace the oil-filled bushing.
    Another important aspect of bushing maintenance is the detection and correction of partial discharges. Partial discharge is caused by current entering the bushing. Partial discharge can cause tree-like structures, cracks and carbonization in the discharge channel, which can eventually damage the casing. Early detection of these processes is critical to ensuring that your vehicle’s bushings are properly maintained. Identifying and repairing partial discharges is critical to ensuring optimal operation, regardless of the type of pump or motor.
    To diagnose casing condition, perform several tests. You can use tan d measurement, which is a powerful tool for detecting the ingress of water and moisture. You can also use power factor measurements to detect localized defects and aging effects. You can also check the oil level by performing an infrared check. After completing these tests, you will be able to determine if there is enough oil in the casing.
    If the oil level in the transformer is too low, water and air may leak into the transformer. To avoid this problem, be sure to check the MOG and transformer oil levels. If the silicone is pink, replace it. You should also check the function of the oil pump, fan and control circuits annually. Check the physical condition of the pump and fan and whether they need to be replaced. Clean the transformer bushing with a soft cotton cloth and inspect for cracks.

    China 6007-2RZTN9HC5C3WT High temperature Deep Grove Ball Bearing 6007 Ceramic bearing     ball bearingChina 6007-2RZTN9HC5C3WT High temperature Deep Grove Ball Bearing 6007 Ceramic bearing     ball bearing
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